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Welcome to the Gilmer County Health Department

The mission of the Gilmer County Health Department is to protect, promote, and maintain the health of the entire population of Gilmer County. This is to be accomplished by providing a healthier and safer environment, promoting healthier lifestyles, and providing services (i.e., immunizations, cancer screenings, etc.) which will improve the health of citizens of the county, resulting in less illness, better overall health and well-being and greater longevity of life.

Public Notice

Food Handlers Classes

Food Handlers cards will be issued to those who attend a class that is held once a month in the Health Department Conference Room.
Please Call the Gilmer County Health Department at 304-462-7351 for the next scheduled Foodhandlers Class.
Gilmer County Food Handlers cards are $10.00 & Statewide Food Handlers cards are $20.00

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