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The mission of the Gilmer County Health Department is to protect, promote, and maintain the health of the entire population of Gilmer County. This is to be accomplished by providing a healthier and safer environment, promoting healthier lifestyles, and providing services which will improve the health of citizens of the county, resulting in less illness, better overall health and well-being and greater longevity of life.

Gilmer County Health Department commits to improving the health of citizens through best practice, community-led public health practices based on the Ten Essential Public Health Services.  A community thrives the most when the community strives to create and execute it’s own solutions.  Gilmer County Health Department works to facilitate this process through regular community health assets and needs assessment, community health improvement planning and epidemiological tracking of health outcomes.  Strategic planning and continuous quality improvement establish the foundational principles of these community driven, grass roots processes.

Additionally, Gilmer County Health Department offers basic public health services and supplemental services to support community need including epidemiology; family planning; breast and cervical cancer screening and prevention; sexually-transmitted disease screening and prevention; childhood and adult immunizations; tuberculosis screening and treatment; general health screening and treatment; urine drug screening; child fluoride supplementation; environmental health sanitation permitting and inspection; and preparedness planning and public health disaster response.

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Food Handlers Classes

Food Handlers cards will be issued to those who pass an exam administered by the health department.
Exam times are available weekly, Monday - Friday, 8:00AM - 4:00PM.
Please Call the Gilmer County Health Department at 304-462-7351 to schedule an exam time.
Gilmer County Food Handlers cards are $10.00 & Statewide Food Handlers cards are $20.00

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