New Food Establishments

Procedures for Opening a New Food Establishment

Thank you for choosing to operate a new food establishment in Gilmer County.  Gilmer County Health Department consider food establishments vital partners in maintaining safe and healthy communities.  The procedures for opening a new, existing under new management, or remodeled food establishment are the following:

  1. Complete and submit to Gilmer County Health Department an Application for a Permit to Operate a Food Establishment.  An application will be submitted annually when renewing food establishment permits.  Food establishment permitting year is from July 1 to June 30.
  2. Complete and submit to Gilmer County Health Department a Food Establishment Plan Review Application.  This form is only submitted prior to opening and is not required annually.  Additional resources for completing the plan review may be found in the Addendum Information Packet.  Applications and plans should be submitted thirty-days prior to the intended date of beginning operations in accordance with 2013 Food Code 8-302.11.
  3. Pay appropriate fees as detailed on the fee schedule.  Gilmer County Health Department prorates the first year’s permit fees by permitting year quarter.
  4. Schedule an initial inspection with Gilmer County Health Department.  The food establishment must be show compliance with the 2013 Food Code during this inspection including refrigeration temperatures, hot holding temperatures and chemical sanitation concentrations.  It is strongly recommended that the food establishment not stock perishable foods in the event of unexpected opening delays due to inspection results.  Upon successful completion of the initial inspection, Gilmer County Health Department may issue a permit, and the food establishment may begin operation.

2013 FDA Food Code

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W.V. 64 C.S.R. 17 Food Establishments

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