Land Development

Every dwelling or establishment in Gilmer County whether publicly or privately owned, where persons reside, assemble, or are employed, shall be provided with toilet facilities, and a sewer system approved by Gilmer County Health Department.   All sewer systems shall be designed, constructed, installed, maintained and operated in such a manner that excreta or sewage contained therein or effluent discharged therefrom: not create a health hazard affecting the public; and shall not violate any federal, state or local laws, rules or regulations governing water pollution or sewage disposal (W.V. 64 C.S.R. 9).

Gilmer County Health Department approves, permits and inspects sewage disposal systems for single-family dwellings utilizing subsurface disposal, grey water systems, privies, and holding tanks; alternative, commercial and multi-family dwellings sewage disposal systems utilizing subsurface disposal of three thousand gallons or less per day; home aeration units and other surface disposal systems treating six hundred or less gallons per day; and composting toilets, incinerating toilets, portable toilets, recirculating toilets and self-contained toilets (W.V. Manual of Environmental Health Procedures WW-8).

Gilmer County Health Department regulates sewage systems in accordance with W.V. 64 C.S.R. 9 Sewage Systems, Sewage Treatment Systems and Sewage Tank Cleaners, and W.V. 64 C.S.R. 47 Sewage Treatment and Collection Design Standards.

On-Site Sewage Disposal

Residential & Commercial On-Site Sewage Disposal Systems

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Residential Subdivisions

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Sewage Pump Trucks

Sewage Pump Trucks & Sewage Disposal

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